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They’re greasing the skids so the Treasury Secretary won’t have to go threaten Congress before stealing the people’s money the way Henry Paulson did in the fall of 2008.

Last week, while Congress and the nation were preoccupied with the holidays, the Treasury made a Christmas eve announcement that it would be providing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unlimited financial support for the next three years. The Treasury’s press release notes:

“At the time the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into conservatorship in September 2008, Treasury established Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements (PSPAs) to ensure that each firm maintained a positive net worth. Treasury is now amending the PSPAs to allow the cap on Treasury’s funding commitment under these agreements to increase as necessary to accommodate any cumulative reduction in net worth over the next three years.”

Put simply, in a single, coordinated stroke, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have encroached on spending powers that are enumerated for the Congress alone. Under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA), the Treasury has no such open-ended authority.

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Naked body scans in airports are so passé. It’s time to ramp it up and start looking at people’s naked bodies on the streets. And why not? The people will put up with anything.

Rotterdam police are trying to develop a portable scanner which will allow them to see through people’s clothing and look for concealed weapons, the NRC reports on Friday.

The force has been given a €500,000 government grant to develop the mobile weapons detector, which would use similar technology to the scanners being introduced at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, the paper says.

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How about that. The members of the staff are more barbaric than the inmates. Big surprise. Perverts and sadists are drawn to the work.

Some 12 percent of minors held in government custody are sexually abused, and in some facilities the rate reaches a stunning one in three children, says a report released Thursday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The first-ever National Survey of Youth in Custody found that no less than 10 percent of the 26,550 juveniles being held in detention facilities in the US are abused by staff at the facility, while another 2.6 percent report abuse at the hands of other inmates.

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Forget for a moment that the guy arrested is Ronald Reagan’s grandson. The amazing thing about this story is that he was “arrested for resisting arrest.” Does it get any more paradoxical than this, any more Orwellian?

LOS ANGELES — The grandson of former president Ronald Reagan was arrested Thursday at the home of his father, police in Los Angeles said.

Police apprehended 31-year old Cameron Reagan shortly after midnight at the home of his talk show host father, Michael Reagan.

Celebrity website TMZ.com said police were called when an alarm at the house went off.

“Officers saw a suspect leaving the rear door of a residence and attempted to stop and talk to him,” said LA police department spokeswoman April Harding said.

“The suspect was very uncooperative and belligerent, and he was arrested for resisting arrest,” she said.

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With government “benefits” comes draconian government control, whether in the U.S. or in the U.K. These feeding tubes should make it easier for the warehoused elderly folks to be pumped with morphine when the time comes to “delete” them.

Thousands of elderly people are being forced to have tubes fitted so they can be artificially fed if they want to be admitted to a care home, a major report warns today.

There is no evidence that tube feeding prolongs life, and it deprives patients of the pleasure and social contact involved in normal eating and drinking, says a Royal College of Physicians working group which recommends that artificial nutrition should only be used as a last resort.

The report found that many care homes across the country are making it a condition of residence that people, often in the advanced stages of dementia, have a tube fitted into their abdomen.

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Putting “mission first” means following orders regardless of their Constitutionality. Now the National Guard–funded by money seized from us–is hammering home this fascist message to our kids in ads running in movie theaters.

In 2003, the US Army adapted the “Soldier’s Creed” to program soldiers to shift their Oath of Enlistment from “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” to the heel-clicking, non-thinking, dictator-obeying, “I will always place the mission first.”

This directly states that the FIRST duty of an American soldier is to achieve the mission dictated by military leadership, NOT the defense of the US Constitution. Brain-washing soldiers to place the mission first, that is, “just follow orders” given by der Fuehrer (“the leader” in German) rather than being responsible for obeying the Constitution and laws of war dramatizes the US shift into fascism.

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You have to give this guy credit for being honest. All members of the government parasite class think they’re gods, lording it over us, their subjects. But TSA agents are lower-rung parasites and can’t be expected to exercise their tyrannical power with subtlety. This guy’s crime was uttering that which isn’t supposed to be uttered.

They are the first line of defense in airport security but two troubling incidents involving TSA agents at LAX are raising concerns.

A TSA agent was arrested on January 3rd in Terminal One at LAX, a source told NBCLA. He had just gotten off duty and was behaving erratically, saying, “I am god, I’m in charge.”

Meanwhile, a TSA Internal Affairs investigation turned up evidence of LAX TSA agents using drugs at an after-hours party.

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