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There’s not a word in this story about decreasing accidents with cameras, only about raising revenue. Perhaps this honesty is a step forward of sorts.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California drivers who race through intersections might soon be caught on camera, a move designed to bolster the state budget with speeding fines.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to retrofit 500 city and county traffic lights already equipped with cameras to capture drivers who run red lights with a system to snap the license plates of speeders, too.

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Finally, a bit of good news. Government parasites are being made to feel the pain. The fatted calf known as the taxpayer is no longer fat and has very little left to give.

On Dec. 28, workers who handle crash reports, financial responsibility records, drivers licenses and ID cards received a new edict. Under the new order, the DMV said that due to the backlog of work and lack of volunteers for Saturday overtime, “management has no recourse but to implement Self-Directed Furlough Fridays.”

The statement added those workers “will be required to work each Friday until advised otherwise.”

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How pathetic. The only employment hope the Feds can offer is hiring a legion of snoops who are paid with money confiscated from us in order to ask us intrusive questions. Here’s an idea: Instead of trying to create jobs, how about the Feds get out of our way and leave us the hell alone? That would be the best stimulus of all.

Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) — The 2010 census couldn’t have come at a better time for the U.S. economy.

The government will hire about 1.2 million temporary workers in the first half of the year to administer the decennial population count, possibly providing a bridge to gains in private employment later in the year.

The surge will probably dwarf any hiring by private employers early in 2010 as companies delay adding staff until they are convinced the economic recovery will be sustained. Money earned by the clipboard-toting workers going door-to-door to verify the government population survey is likely to be spent, giving the economy an extra lift.

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