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Cryptome is a tremendous source of documents that the public’s not supposed to see, and John Young is to be saluted for running it. Microsoft is very angry that John Young posted Microsoft’s guide to law enforcement agents who seek to subpoena information about Microsoft customers and users. Copies of the document remain online in various places.

As of the morning of Feb. 25, the document was available at Wikileaks.org. Silly Microsoft. Don’t they know that people now are going to be clamoring to see a document they previously didn’t care about? Wired.com is now publicizing the document as well.

Microsoft has managed to do what a roomful of secretive, three-letter government agencies have wanted to do for years: get the whistleblowing, government-document sharing site Cryptome shut down.

Microsoft dropped a DMCA notice alleging copyright infringement on Cryptome’s proprietor John Young on Tuesday after he posted a Microsoft surveillance compliance document that the company gives to law enforcement agents seeking information on Microsoft users. Young filed a counterclaim on Wednesday — arguing he had a fair use to publishing the document, a full day before the Thursday deadline set by his hosting provider, Network Solutions.

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